The Modern Man

The night was black, without a moon. That wouldn’t really matter much to Jack though, as he rarely opened up his curtains to begin with. He needed darkness. The shadows protected him from the realities of his life and hid everything he needed to ignore.

The sole sources of illumination, like most other nights, were the dual monitors through which Jack vicariously lived his life. These portals let him be the man that no one else could see; a strong man to whom others paid attention. When he was online he could be anything.

He couldn’t have everything though. Sure, he could coordinate a raid on the comments section of a Jezebel article and teach those dumb bitches a lesson or order countless masturbation aids, but he couldn’t actually feel the touch of a woman.

Once he made the mistake of going online to hire a woman to give him a massage. No attractive women would actually travel to him and he was too afraid to go to them.

Eventually someone agreed, but when she arrived Jack felt reminded of his mother. Older, with the sagging bosom of a woman that had nursed several children. Thoughts of his past with his mother filled him with grief. He collapsed in tears.

The masseuse tried to comfort him and ever since she comes by once a week just to talk to him. He refused to call it therapy though, because that was only for beta cucks. Even still, he knew that those sessions were the only thing keeping him sane, from releasing his anger.

I’ve got a secret I’ve been hiding under my skin

Resigned to a life of involuntary celibacy, Jack would brag to the other people he met online about all of his numerous encounters with real women and various sexual conquests. He knew that they could see his through his lies because he saw through theirs, but they needed each other. Without them he’d be back to nothing.

The clicker-clack of keystrokes filled the air as he was sharing tales of his last triumph over a woman, a fabrication of refusing to give up a bus seat to a pregnant woman, when on his second screen he noticed an advertisement for a dating site.

“The last refuge of the loneliest men,” he said out loud to no one. “I’ll just look at it for a laugh.”

He put up a quick profile; describing himself as a fit, educated man that appreciated traditional gender roles, ethics, tabletop gaming, and long conversations about current social issues. He even found a picture of himself in a suit to use as a signal to women that he was a supreme gentleman.

Days passed and he never got any messages. In an uncharacteristic moment of taking charge, Jack decided to begin messaging women.

“You’re profile says you’re into social justice, but you’re not fat. That’s cool,” he’d say to one.

“Is your hair dyed that color just because you want attention?” Jack opened to another.

“You have pictures with a Black guy. Why would you betray our race?”

He sent dozens of messages to dozens of women and all he ever got in response was silence or outrage.

“Don’t these whores know that a personal attack is the illogical retort of a child that only thinks with their emotions?” Jack said to himself. “Why would I want one of these bitches that’s advertising her body online anyway? Why can’t I just be approached by a sweet, obedient girl that understands me?”

He used this moment to go back onto one of the forums he frequented in order to brag about all the attention he’d been getting from women that day.

Just a man who needed someone, and somewhere to hide

Days turned into weeks and weeks to months.

“It doesn’t make sense,” he complained to his brother via text message. “Why can’t I meet a girl. I deserve one. I’m owed one.”

“You’ve always got me,” his brother quickly replied.

“No, no. We can’t do that anymore. I need a girl. I need someone to have my child.”

“Well there’s this site I use when I get lonely. I’ll send you a link.”

“No, I don’t need more porn,” Jack lamented, “I’ve already watched enough of that today.”

“It’s not porn. It’s a real relationship. Just give it a try.”

Jack was sure he’d tried everything up to this point. He’d even recently convinced his therapist, (“No, masseuse,” he told himself) to let him hug her before she left. He was sure that whatever hiss brother had to offer would be another dead end, but at this point all he had to lose was his moderator status on an online forum about painting pewter figurines.

Jack tapped the link his brother had sent to him and laboriously clicked around to see what it was all about. As he navigated deeper into this website he found himself more and more enthralled with what he was seeing.

This was a gaming website like he’d never seen. On his screen were countless images of perfect women and he found that he could instantly interact with any of them on a whim. He could play games with them, just talk, or even get more erotic. There had to be some trick, a scam to get his money, but he couldn’t find it.

He continued to click away and type up answers to their questions. Some needed help solving mysteries. Some simply wanted you to watch them pleasure themselves. The one with whom Jack felt himself immediately smitten was a young Japanese girl wearing cat ears that shared his love of video games: Akame.

Over the next few days he became lost in her story. He learned more and more about her and began to share more of himself.

He found himself interacting with his old forum buddies more infrequently. He started to take better care of himself so that he could send his new love decent pictures. He no longer needed his masseuse. Akame was making him the man he always thought he could be.

His roommates began to take notice and asked him what was going on, but he explained to them that because they didn’t have a girl of their own they couldn’t possibly understand. He showed them pictures but they brushed it off as weird and fake.

Jack knew this was real love.

I’m not a robot without emotions

Jack had been seeing Akame for some time now. They’d only ever interacted online, but it was real to Jack; just not real enough. He decided that enough was enough. They would make this official. Sure, he was moving fast, but he knew a woman only had so many fertile years so he wanted to strike while the uterus was hot.

He proposed.

She accepted.

He had her flown out overnight.

Jack had never been half as happy. Knowing that real people would never approve of how this relationship came to be, they decided to have the entire ceremony online.

Jack invited all of his forum friends, but was met with ridicule. He ignored it. “They’re just jealous.” he thought. “They know that they can never have what we have.”

Jack’s brother cautioned against it too, pleading with his sibling to understand what he was doing, but Jack understood that his brother wanted him all to himself. They used to have a bond that went beyond merely brotherhood. Now, however, was the time to move on.

Dozens of Akame’s friends were there. All gorgeous Japanese women that he’d interacted with before. Some went on adventures with him and Akame. Some he knew from before. They were all equally subservient and attentive. It was paradise.

This was the best day of his life.

That night they consummated their relationship. For years, Jack was tired of saving himself, but Akame made it worth it.

This was love. This was joy. This was the first day of his new life.

I’m not what you see

Wedded bliss hardy faded. Each day Jack woke up next to Akame was like waking up in a fairytale. Her soft body on top of his made him want to stay in bed forever.

Jack stirred Akame awake with a gentle caress. He felt her rubbing back. His manhood stiffened and he could help but bounce on top of her and thrust away until he sprayed his seed deep inside of her. As it soaked in he dreamt of the son they might someday raise together.

Whenever they went out he saw envy on the distorted faces gawking at him with his princess. When he helped her into her seat at a restaurant he felt the confusion of the waiter, but he relished in it. Because of this he would usually leave her at home.

“They just don’t understand how I could get a girl like this. Is there anyone luckier than me?” he asked to himself with a smile.

Today he was going to visit home and he knew that his parents just wouldn’t understand his new relationship. He kissed Akame goodbye and went off.

When he couldn’t be with her in person, he was always with her online. They still engaged in her strange games that mostly revolved around solving puzzles at an all-girls school on a Japanese island.

Today things were different though.

Typically the game would end with Jack and Akame figuring out which girl had stolen underwear out of the locker of another. This time Akame would not even give Jack the option of blaming one of the girls for the theft. He knew it was a girl. It had to be. He knew that all girls are duplicitous thieves that use their vagina as a trap.

He refused to accept that Akame was only offering him decisions that would lead to the headmaster of the academy or the janitor, both men. How could this dumb bitch do this? Did she not know that he was the man and he made these decisions?

It was only now that Jack realizes that she’d been manipulating him the whole time. She was always the first to offer suspects and she always decided where they’d search for clues. She didn’t listen when he told her she wasn’t smart enough to run for class president. She just laid there when they had sex.

“She just used me to get to America. Like all of these manipulative bitches she tricked a superior man by shaking her tits around and letting me fuck her every now and then. How could I let this happen? I knew I was too alpha to get married.”

a man whose circumstances went beyond his control

Jack was distraught. He couldn’t go home and face her. He couldn’t risk unleashing his anger on her. He frantically drove around to nowhere in particular, just trying to reassure himself that this was all in his head.

Then he realized that he was right, it was all in his head. The shock nearly killed him; intentionally driving into oncoming traffic actually did.

The problem’s plain to see:
Too much technology

The next day Jack’s parents were on their way to his home to collect his belongings. His roommates were already going through some of his things and packing them away in advance.

As one boxed up Jack’s computer, the other began packing away his clothes and linens. There was a horrified shriek after the blanket was removed from Jack’s bed, revealing what lay underneath.

“What is this?!?”

“Oh, that’s why he was so happy. That’s a body pillow with the image of an anime character from a Japanese dating sim series that he’d been obsessed with.”

“Why does it smell so bad?”

“Looks like Jack had been cumming all over it and never washed it. Looks like he may have tried to feed it too. Look at all the potatoes smeared around the face. It’s got a lot of mold and hair stuck to it too.”

“Should we throw this out before his parents get here?”

“I’m not touching that. Put the blanket back on it and close the door. I don’t know why we’re cleaning up after him anyway. Even in death he has us doing his chores. I’m gonna go drink and watch the Mortal Kombat movies. Wanna join?”

“Please. Thank you.”