“….You write a review…I want more but not if i have to work the next day...That was a mistake…”  -unknown-

“…Lemme think…I’m rolling so it will be a good one…”  -the cob monster-

“Where’s the beef?” -Shannon-

If you happen to find yourself in a shit region, in a shit state, in a medium ok city, you may be right down the street from a mythical creature. He’s about about 4 feet tall at the hump, golden brown fur, and loves stepping out on his porch for a refreshing Parliament. This bear, like all bears, loves honey. Not only that, he was also stung by 1,000 bees.  How did he survive? He ate the mutha fucking honey. What the bees didn’t tell him was that they were smoking on the fire and the one time came knocking. Long story short, they put a shit load of weed in the honey.

Appearance: Light brown. golden honey. Attractive, with a light fog.

Smell: Sweet.

Taste: Sweet but balanced. Some bitter/pungent undertones (overtones? i can’t tell anymore these days my tastebuds are shot…)

Overall: 89/100 The Honey was nearly perfect but the whiskey and mixer could use an upgrade (but I’ll still drink it every day)

Up Next: Psych-grass: good idea or bad idea? I think so…