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I’ve been trying to get into stand-up comedy, but because I’m Black everyone expects me to tell jokes about the differences between races (I prefer half-marathons) and what it’s like to grow up in the ghetto (I’ve never been to Poland). My jokes are about catamarans, Blues Traveler, and being a great perimeter player in the NBA.

I really don’t have a lot in common with the Black community other than the fact that I’m a delinquent father, but that has little to do with me being Black and everything to do with my child being a disappointment. I’ve seen “Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2” enough times to know what this kid should be capable of. Now I know why they call it “Down’s Syndrome”; because it’s definitely given me the blues.

Cheer me up on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the beer review.

Juke-Box Hero Black IPA

Juke-Box Hero Black IPA

Appearance: Effervescent. When the bottle opened it let out a great hiss and as I poured I could feel bubbles coming off of the stream. It foams up quite quickly, the head being colored like a spring breaker after half an hour on the beach and under the sun. He head is thin, but bulky and it dissipates into a mire of small bubbles.

It’s as black as one would hope a black IPA would be, but when held to the light it takes on the red of a freshly made brick or an old barn; it’s carmine.

Smell: Pine needles on a campfire. The first cut into an orange. Sweet malt.

Taste: On the thin side of a medium body and very crisp and bitter. It’s got all of the hops of an IPA, but there is a subtle sweetness from the dark roasted malt. There’s something that reminds me of burnt coffee in the aftertaste, but I can live with that. I was hoping for some of that orange aroma to come through.

Overall: Once again Revolution pleases me with their fantastic graphic design; the label looks great.

This could stand to be a bit sweeter, but, other than that this is a wholly enjoyable experience. Revolution is one of my favorite breweries and once again they’ve left me satisfied. As far as Black IPAs go, this was one of the best out there, but the Anti-Hero IPA, which they also produce, is still my go to from Revolution’s selection. Try this, let me know what you think. 81/100

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