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New month. New mail.

What’s the drunkest you’ve ever been? – Greg, Ohio

I once blacked out and woke up under six inches of fresh snow.

Where can I meet mature singles in my area? – Peter, Chicago

Just crack open any local coffin.

I’m not so fresh down there. Any tips? – Laura, Pottsville, PA

Fill the cavity with baking soda and red food coloring. Top it off with a little vinegar for an exciting, volcano-like, reaction!

Remember, you can always send us an e-mail, like the Facebook Page, or follow the Twitter account. Here’s our review of Revolution’s Anti-Hero IPA.

Revolution Anti-Hero

Revolution Anti-Hero

Appearance: Wow, just wow. All IPAs should aspire to this. The head is strong, pillowy, and perfectly white. The beer’s nut brown color is a perfect complement to the gentle carbonation and alluring haziness. This is a real beer; something that you’d never be ashamed to be seen with

Smell: Big grapefruit up front. After that, it’s like walking through a forest in the fall. Maybe some hard, tropical fruit and some sort of herb.

Taste: Never in a million years has something so bitter been so good. If one is looking for a lesson in balance then I’ve found your teacher.

A strong, punch-to-the-face of bitterness gives way to a citrus and malt sweetness. The hops coat the mouth and stay on the tongue long after drinking. The aroma has carried over in a great, and refreshing, way. All of this is carried by a respectable, medium body that is more than capable of supporting that strong taste while keeping the beer clean and refreshing.

Overall: I couldn’t be much happier with this beer. I hate giving out scores above 90, but to give this less than a solid 90/100 would be a slight to Dionysus. This is everything that I want out of an IPA. After having so many stinkers, this was like soaking up the rays on a tropical beach. And, as always, I’m a fool for graphic design and any microbrew in a can so it gets some bonus points. It only lost out a little because the grapefruit can be a bit much at times.

Up Next: Something to summon an early Spring. A nice hefeweizen perhaps.