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Let’s respond to some e-mail!

Who are you and what is this awful website? – Tom from Ohio

I’m sure you can tell from the sound of my voice that I’m friends with a lot of ghosts and they are going to get you.

Have you ever knowingly had sex with anyone that has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS? – Irene from New York

No, but I once sat on an exercise bike that had been used by Magic Johnson.

Would you like to do a guest review on my site? – Joe from the UK

Only if I can review the Princess Diana autopsy.

On to the review. Here’s the final part of the terrible beer trilogy. I hate this damn website because I can’t enjoy crappy beer anymore. I don’t have Hopslam money dammit.

Also, send beer suggestions and follow me on Twitter and Facebook already. If you don’t those ghosts will get you too.

Busch Light - At least they knew how to spell 'light'.

Busch Light – At least they knew how to spell ‘light’.

Appearance: I’ll start by saying that the head is totally non-existent here. It was there, then it immediately wasn’t; I got robbed. Very clear with a low, but steady, amount of carbonation and an incredibly pale straw color. I’m not sure how anyone would be excited if they were given this glass of “beer”.

Smell: Sweet corn. Disappointment.

Taste: Watery, lacking almost any discernible taste. If you told me that this was carbonated water I would believe you. Don’t worry, there’s no aftertaste either.

Overall: You know how they say everyone’s life changed on 9/11, that we all suddenly saw everything in a new light. This beer was my personal 9/11, but in a bad way. 12/100. This punishment has got to stop.

Up Next: Something good. Maybe a nice porter to warm me up.