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Some Late, Year-End Lists

Films of 2013
5. Iron Man 3
4. Now You See Me
3. This is the End
2. Dallas Buyers Club
1. The Wolf of Wall Street

2013 Egg Preparations
5. Soft-Boiled
4. Shirred
3. Over Easy
2. Poached
1. Basted

Best Things About the New Pope
5. Not overtly evil
4. Relaxing, turtle-like appearance
3. Smells of lilac
2. Girth
1. Unaccounted for during the Natalie Wood incident

Worst Things About the 90s
5. The Green Power Ranger
4. Perfection
3. The Spice Girls
2. The Phantom Menace
1. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey

If you have any suggestions for future lists just e-mail Ignore@boozeandothernonsense.com . I promise nothing. Beer review time…


Appearance: As clear as the eyes of someone that has a drug test at the end of the week and colored like the phlegm of a twenty-year smoker. All that aside, this beer actually looks impressive: a good frothy head slowly falls into a hazy crown on top of a slow bubbling elixir. The carbonation here is truly mesmerizing in how constant, slow, and uniform it seems. Color aside, this is top-notch for an American pale lager.

Smell: Strong cereal grain and sugar. Not particularly what I’d ever be looking for.

Taste: Very watery with regards to mouthfeel and taste; I’m immediately put off by that. It’s so thin-bodied that it’s impossible to enjoy. It tastes sweet, but I’m not sure what kind of sweetness it is; very artificial. There’s a faint biscuit-like taste that could be nice, but even with the watery disposition of this beer that taste doesn’t carry very well. There is no aftertaste.

Overall: A good beer should be about balance. Bitter is not always bad and there is such a thing as too sweet. This beer just lacks substance. I will say that I was shocked by how nice it looked and I’m equally impressed with the lacing. A beer can’t live on that alone though. 41/100.

Up Next: Busch Light (The pain train continues!)