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On to the review. I’ve taken care of Budweiser, Bud Select, and three weird Budweiser experiments. Let’s take down the big boy…



Appearance: This looks like a witch cursed a cauldron of diabetic piss, causing it to bubble up uncontrollably. It is super clear and can’t retain it’s thin, white head. The bubbles are getting to me. It’s like goldenrod Sprite.

Smell: Shockingly pleasant. A gentle sweet corn along with a bit of dry stone fruit. There’s definitely a hops smell, but it’s very underdeveloped. All things considered, this is better than what I expected out of a light pale lager.

Taste: Very crisp, but not much else. The flavors are near non-existent as soon as it hits the tongue, but there is a lingering sweetness. A little metal, which is definitely a first. I take all of this back, there is no flavor. It’s just really crisp sugar water.

Overall: Wow, that smell caught me off guard. Everything else was as expected. 30/100 is generous, but I did enjoy the smell a lot more than I expected. I think I’m going to continue this series of reviewing terrible beer for a bit. This was awful, and I prefer to feel bad.

Up Next: Miller Lite