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Things I Learned from Wikileaks

  • Mitt Romney had a butt plug in for the first and second Presidential debates.
  • You’re supposed to poop between 3 and 19 times a day.
  • Blue is the best flavor.
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
  • Led Zeppelin I is better than Led Zeppelin IV
  • Nothing feels better than getting hit on by a gay guy.
  • Nobody knows where Glenn Beck was on 9/11
  • Kanye West is illiterate.
  • None of you follow the Facebook page or follow me @BoozeTweets
Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler

Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler

Appearance: Fairly clear, the color would give an 1840’s prospector a rager. Active, bubbles seem to be without end. The head is eggshell white and almost immediately eliminated. All things considered, this is an enticing beer.

Aroma: Pleasant. Muted sweetness, lots of grain, a cookies in the oven kinda smell. It’s a very mild aroma, and very one note, but it’s an awesome not so why not give it a good strum or two?

Taste/Mouthfeel: Non-existent. There is absolutely no flavor to describe. No malt, no hops, just a lingering bitterness. It’s actually quite impressive that they got a beer to be this neutral yet have such a nice smell. I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s slightly grainy. The mouthfeel is pleasing, a velvety medium body and quite crisp, and I may get some banana or mango in the aftertaste. I may just be forcing that though.

Overall: This beer was all oingo, no boingo. Not bad, really, but it’s not something that I’d be happy to see waiting for me in the fridge. It was definitely beer, and I mostly enjoyed everything about it other than the taste. 65/100.

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