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I wrote a limerick. Feel free to use it:

I once dined with Omar Sharif.

Whose wife made a banquet of beef.

Instead of her mouth,

She shoved it down south,

And gave me mad cow with a queef.

Here’s today’s review. Find me on Facebook and Twitter. I promise to not dig up your relatives.

Appearance: A beautiful rich, dark honey brown color tempts my eyes in an almost unfair way. An off-white to almost yellow head laces majestically in the inside of my glass that only serves to swell my temptation. It’s remarkably clear with a moderate amount of carbonation; all of these qualities combining to make this reviewer drool.

Lagunitas UndercoverSmell: There’s a subtle citrus note with grass and sweetness; I’d liken it to walking outside to your garden after the rain on a hot day.

Taste: A stark contrast to the smell, a great hoppy bitterness envelopes the mouth, every bit of surface area blissfully screaming because of the skillful balance offered by the sweetness. The aftertaste is just a slow burn of more of the hops that holds and holds, not leaving the mouth even minutes after a proper, deep sip.

Overall: The way that the taste of this beer never leaves your mouth is a godsend because I don’t want to lose it. 87/100. I could only dock points because the taste could be very overpowering at times. I loved it, but I could see this being a turnoff for some.