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Conways1Appearance: One is immediately awe-struck by the incredible effervescence of this beer. Bubbles are seemingly infinite in number, never ceasing in their endless rush to the top of my glass. I’ve attempted to capture this phenomena on film, but I am no photographer and there’s just too much movement to capture.

This beautiful motion is accompanied by a seductive, rich brown color. Darker than citrine and with a touch of red, it’s like staring into dark, hazel eyes. An off-white head completes this unbelievable picture and does us the favor of sticking around for quite some time.



Smell: Malt. More than anything you’d regularly expect though. A bit of citrus creates a deep, bold aroma that dominates all of the senses.

Taste: I’m immediately concerned by the thin to medium body of this beer; I expected something a bit more robust. The taste is rich in malt and the citrus carries through as well. The malt is pleasing, but does not make up for the fact that there is almost no presence of hops in this beer. I will say, however, that while there isn’t much of an aftertaste, my mouth feels fantastic after each drink.

Overall: Well I’m perplexed here. It looks and smells amazing, but the taste just isn’t there. Let me be clear though, I very much enjoyed this beer and intend on drinking it many times in the future, but there’s something missing. It gets perfect scores in appearance and smell, half of the taste points, and well… I give it 82/100.