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Today I realized that I don’t know if it’s to babies or dogs that you can’t give chocolate. I was babysitting my one-year-old niece while eating a chocolate bar when the dog shimmied over. They both clearly wanted some of the chocolate and I knew for sure it was poisonous to one of them, but if I’m anything I’m fair; I gave them each a piece. Five minutes later I learned that nothing gets rid of the smell of dog and baby diarrhea mixed on shag carpet. To the review!

Stone Levitation

Stone Levitation

Appearance: Reminiscent of the autumn. A leaf fading to brown or maybe dry pine needles. Incredible clarity and lasting carbonation and a nice, thick, off-white head. Glorious aesthetics.

Smell: A very light and nuanced aroma. A bit of malt. Definitely some herbal notes. Very hard to read.

Taste: I’m immediately stricken by how smooth and refreshing this beer is; to say it goes down easier than Britney Spears’ career would be an understatement. The tastes are all very muted, but enjoyable. The malt comes through quite well, but I don’t get much in the way of hops. Maybe something reminiscent of apple though I may be forcing that. There’s a nice up-note in the wonderful way that this beer coats the mouth and its herbal aftertaste makes me grin wide.

Overall: This one was strange. It was so crisp and clean, the flavors so muted; I don’t know where to go. 84/100. I wanted more from the aroma, but this beer was gorgeous and I have no legitimate taste complaints. Fun Stuff.

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