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We’re Back. I got a lot of questions during the break. Did you chase another piece of foil into oncoming traffic? Has your halfway house for troubled young cats finally taken off? Are you lazy? The answer to these, and more, questions will never be found. (Yes, No, and Yes.) Anyway. Let’s get back to the bread and butter.


Appearance: Holy shit! We have reasonable pictures. Well check that out. Isn’t that something? No? I’m being told that this technology has existed for a very long time and that I’m an idiot for just now doing this. Is that my dining room table? On the internet? Someone will steal my social security number with this information!

This ale is very, very clear; almost to the point of being distracting. The color is somewhere between rust and an Arizona sunset. I love the head; it’s rich and creamy, thick and just slightly off-white. It holds quite well and leaves a beautiful lacing on my glass.

Smell: This may be the best smelling beer I’ve encountered this year. There is an instantaneous eruption of citrus; as if I were walking through a grove right before harvest. The hops add a pleasant herbal something or other that’s balanced quite well with an ever so slight sweetness.

Taste: To be completely frank, this was a bit of a letdown. The hops are incredibly aggressive here. One finds themselves nearly overcome by the bitterness. It’s very hard to work through that beat down and get to the other flavors. In the end, though, there is a nice lingering maltiness that forces me to keep drinking; albeit this is not a unique quality in any beer when in my hands. Also, I expected more of a presence in the mouthfeel of this beer, but it is very light bodied.

Overall: This was by no means a bad beer, but I will likely not repay it a visit in the near future. It looked alright, smelled fantastic, but the taste just wasn’t there. I love bitter, but this was an outright attack. 67/100.

Up Next: Stone Levitation.

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