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Appearance: Wildly hazy with a rust to copper-like color. The head is just slightly off-white and dissipates quickly. While pouring this beer seems quite volatile, but the carbonation dies down after only a few seconds.

Smell: Interesting. Quite subtle, but I get a lot of spices and toastiness. The aroma is just slightly sweet in a very enticing way.

Taste: I get an immediate bitterness that is quickly cut into by sweet malt. It’s got a thin to medium body that doesn’t really do it a lot of favors. A bit of hops comes through in the end, but that mainly just brings back the bitterness which is not balanced very well.

Overall: I was not a huge fan of this and could never see myself ordering it when out on the town. 65/100. That bitterness is just too much to get over and I love bitter tastes. Oh well.

Up Next: I’ll tell you later.