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I had some clamoring for pictures, but I do not own a quality camera. All that I has is my webcam, and it is awful. If you still want this level quality pictures let me know, but if there’s really no feedback either way this will just be a little experiment. I’ll invest in a real camera soon. Here we go.

Appearance: A very dark ruby color that comes close to the darkest brown that we’re allowed to see. The light tan head is thick, long-lasting and coats the glass wonderfully.

Also, as a side note, there is an odd picture of a bear with antlers on the bottle. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I like it.

Smell: A strong sweet smell of fresh oats. There’s also a little bit of fruit, but I cannot place it. Hopefully it comes through in the taste.

Taste: Brilliantly luscious. This beer is so very nice, thick, balanced, and smooth. It tastes of chocolate, oats, and cream. I expected this to be far too sweet, but the flavors come together in remarkable proportions. There’s almost no discernible aftertaste save a slight hoppy flavor that kicks in as the beer hits the throat. I’m tempted to stoke a fire so that I can enjoy this beer at its full potential.

Overall: This was a lovely experience. 93/100. I hate giving out a score that high, but I can’t punish this beer just because I’m a crazy person. Truly just wonderful.

Up Next: I think Black Jack Porter?