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Appearance: At first look I am shocked by how cloudy this beer is. It’s quite appealing and matches well with the beautifully thick white head that does an expert job of coating my glass. I love it. The beer itself is slightly darker than straw.

Smell: It’s very tame and balanced. Lovely floral notes I get walking through a meadow in early Spring; after a night of rain, the morning sun is slowly bringing life to the plants. That’s just me though.

Taste: Shockingly refreshing! As soon as this hits the tongue I am instantly in paradise. The smell carries through wonderfully in the taste; the floral notes just dance on the palate in a balanced, but strong way. As for tastes, I get a delightful citrus flavor, mild hoppiness, and a sweet caramel-like finish.

Overall: This was a fun beer to drink. 84/100. I could put away a six pack of this in a matter of minutes on a nice spring day. I’ve been neglecting IPAs on this blog for awhile. We’re going to be going down this road a lot more in the future. Can’t have people calling me a porter snob. My mom called me one the other day. Bad Times.

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