Appearance: I am a fan! The head is thick and tan. It holds its shape long after being poured and as bubbles burst it takes on the look of some alien landscape pelted by meteorites. The beer itself is powerfully dark. I held a light up directly next to my glass and not a single ray could penetrate it. A deep dark brown that straddles the line of being pitch black.

Smell: Rich and sweet smells that rivals even the best coffee.

Taste: The mouthfeels is thick and rich like the warm milk a mother prepares for an ailing child. It tastes of coffee with cream with a light bitterness throughout; reminiscent of dark chocolate. There is a sharp alcohol taste as soon as it hits the tongue that slowly fades through to the finish which,in turn, offers a slight hoppiness.

Overall: I’ll say it again, I am a fan. Looking at my half empty glass and the way that the head has accumulated along the sides – I am in heaven. This is easily one of the best looking beers that I have had. The only reason that I’m not giving this a near perfect score is because of the sharp alcohol taste and average aroma. 88/100.

Up Next: Not quite sure yet.