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Appearance: Quite dark. Even against a light I can’t get much of any sort of color to come through in this beer. The head is quite prodigious; thick and long lasting. A consummate stout.

Smell: Not particularly unique. It smells like a stout. Malty.

Taste: It’s quite thick, quite bitter, and quite boring. Almost all of the tastes are muted. The only real tastes are old coffee that had been sitting out on a kitchen counter for a few hours. The bitterness is unappealing.

Overall: This beer has got the looks. The way the head coats the glass as you drink it is beautiful. The big problem is that this beer is all talk and no walk; no substance. I would not recommend it and Magic Hat has once again failed me. 57/100. Well at least now no one can accuse me of giving inflated scores to porters and stouts.

Up Next: All I have is a bottle of scotch…