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Appearance: Very clear, very bubbly. It has a dark pumpkin like color and it has a medium bodied head that keeps around for quite some time. The clarity is almost startling. It seems otherworldly.

Smell: Very sweet. Lots of maltiness and breadiness, but not much else.

Taste: Quite crisp with a medium body. Not as bad as I thought. Actually a bit pleasant. The actual flavors are identical to the smell and the crisp finish kills any aftertaste. This is best described as a nicer version of regular Budweiser.

Overall: This beer had a great mouthfeel and interesting look, but kind of fell flat after that. It was probably my favorite of project 12, but I doubt that I’d ever order this anywhere. 63/100. This was the only bearable beer of the group. Glad to be done.

Up Next: Anchor Porter (I’m giddy)