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Appearance: Incredibly clear with a golden straw color. It pours with a white head that fades thin and remains for quite some time.

Smell: Very weird. I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered anything like this. Lots and lots of fruit, plums possibly. There are other sweet notes and a slight hoppiness. All around, a strange smell.

Taste: Very crisp, but there really isn’t much of a taste at all. Honestly, I get nothing, There may be a bit of malt in the aftertaste, but I think that’s my imagination. Also, the smell has completely gone away as well.

Overall: Apparently this beer immediately begins changing its chemical makeup as soon as it’s poured into a glass. I just took another drink and now it just tastes bad. I’d prefer regular Bud to this. 43/100.

Up Next: Another one of these weird beers…