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Appearance: Very pale straw colored like an American-style lager. The head has some staying power an leaves large bubbles on the top of the glass. Quite cloudy as well.

Smell: A shockingly brilliant balance of hops and malt. It’s not a very strong smell, but when you get your nose in the glass it’s really quite pleasant.

Taste: Well. That was not at all what I expected. This is bitter to a fault. I’m disappointed because the smell was so inviting. I get a slight citrus, slight hops, slight wheat aftertaste. This beer is quite crisp and the aftertaste does not last long.

Overall: I really had higher hopes, but this beer only managed a 72/100 for me. If the smell wasn’t as great as it was this score could be significantly lower. A bit of a let down.

Up Next: Apparently Anheuser-Busch is up to some tricks and they’re trying their hand at craft brews. I have three on deck starting with the Budweiser Batch No. 63118. This is going to get weird.