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Appearance: A brilliant Amber/Red color, like an ember in a fireplace. Very reminiscent of the season. The beer is cloudy and has a thin white head that holds around the rim of the glass.

Smell: I get a very pleasantly mild hop aroma with cinnamon, and Christmas cookies or at least the spices associated with them. Again, reminiscent of the season.

Taste: Those spices come out very strong as soon as this beer hits the tongue. Lots of cinnamon, cloves maybe, and even nutmeg. A slight bitterness helps to cut through those strong  flavors and carries nicely into a just ever so slightly sweet malty aftertaste.

Overall: This was a good time in a bottle. It’s hard to not compare this to the Great Lakes Christmas Ale that I just rated the other night. Both are great, but I think I may prefer this one. I’m going to say 85/100 and hope that that’s similar to what I gave the Christmas Ale, but slightly higher. Columbus Brewing has won me over. Also, I recall being upset at the graphic design on the last bottle of beer I had from Columbus Brewing and I’m happy to report that this label looks a lot better. Really great all around. I will have to pay their brewery/restaurant a visit. It’s too close not to. Maybe do some reviews right at the bar. Mmmmmmm. (This got out of hand quickly.)

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