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Appearance: I’m thrilled with the thin, light chocolate mousse colored head. It has some staying power, a feature that I always appreciate. The Beer itself is copper colored and a tad bit cloudy. I haven’t even smelled it yet, but I am becoming tumescent.

Smell: Big, bold malt smell. If you have trouble identifying the smell or taste of malt in a beer then I highly recommend giving this a smell.

Taste: Rich and sweet. It has a great creaminess and the caramel notes leave a pleasant aftertaste. There is a slight bitterness near the end that serves as a perfect finish to this delightful Märzen-style lager.

Overall: I am quite fond of this. 83/100. It could maybe be a bit more balanced, but overall this beer is a huge success. It may enter the rotation soon. (I’ll have to list my top 6 sometime so that we actually know what the rotation is.) If you like a malty beer than you can’t do much better than Brooklyn Oktoberfest.

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