Appearance: Caramel, very clear. Maybe a light mahogany. Somewhere between Orange and Red. It’s quite pleasant. The head is medium bodied and lively. All lager should aspire for this color.

Smell: Floral. This reminds me of the garden in mid-March when the sun is finally starting to shine without the constant cloud cover of Winter. Clean. Inspiring.

Taste: Quite sweet from the malt, but I also detect a bit of citrus. I could benefit if it were a bit more hoppy, but this is no major failing.

Overall: A very nice beer. Amber lagers are one of my favorite everyday beers, something I can just sit back and drink all day. Eliot Ness does a great job of hitting  all of the marks that I look for in a great lager though I do find it a bit sweet. I think that it would benefit from additional hops. Be that as it may, 79/100.

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