Appearance: Black and opaque. While pouring it into the glass it seemed quite thick. The head is incredibly thick and creamy and long lasting. This looks like the consummate stout. I imagine that in a world where one’s blood reflected their character mine would resemble this beer.

Smell: The maltiest beer that I’ve smelled in the short time that this blog has existed. It’s very appealing in the way that the smell of bacon in the morning draws you downstairs.

Taste: Smooth and sweet; the balance is shocking. I get a bit of coffee Winston Wolf-style: lots of cream and lots of sugar.

Overall: I like it a lot. 90/100. This beer would be great for pouring into a big glass and slowly sipping while you watch the world pass you by. People carrying on with their business while you just sit back, enjoy a good beer, and smile knowing that you have no obligations.

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